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Merry Christmas from Fuse Team!

Dear friend,
Merry Christmas!
The entire FUSE team would like to wish you an amazing and memorable Christmas season. We are happy and thankful that you have chosen our company to help you this year. Here is to more such years to come and awesome projects completed!

Christmas is the time of giving, so we also want to give you a little present to show our gratitude. Order a furnace replacement — get the carbon monoxide detector for free!

Place your order by the end of the year (till 11:59 PM 12/31/2022 PST) and tell the promo code to the operator: "Fusin' around a Christmas tree". Right after that our little HVAC elves will start packing your new furnace together with the present. We will schedule Santa's arrival with your new equipment at any convenient date including after the holidays.
During the holidays we will be working according to our regular schedule from 8AM to 8PM with customer support being available for you for 24h. The only exception: January 1, 2023 we will be closed.


You can call us at (408) 721-2530.
Or you can write an email at support@fuseservice.com.
Merry Christmas!